Lernith Inter



Mission statement

To consistently offer high-quality amenities which best represent the customer's identity and perfectly match to property values, whilst provide an option to create customization products to meet the customer's requirement.


Company objective

Today 80% of travelers' perspective who visit Thailand or South East Asia believe that the in-room amenities and accessories in the hotels are still non standard and not equal to European or US hotels. We have to change that mindset and we must improve especailly in Thailand where is one of the most desired destination in the world. We would not want the visitors to disappoint with amenities which are the representative of the hotels standards, quality and image. In result, Lernith Inter has coorporate with Groupe GM and signed an exclusive distributor in order to bring the quality with high standard product to the region. Groupe GM is one of the biggest player in Amenity supplies. Furthermore, Groupe GM manufacturers also guarantee the standard of GMP and have certified by Eurocert. Every step of production until the end product that you will receive, we will make sure that you will receive the best international standard product with the target budget.



Company Background

Lernith Inter has its background from managing international chain hotel and individual hotel for more than 25 years. Our director's interest is to source most of the products, furnitures, materials, or even food and beverage goods to his hotels. Every piece, he will select the best quality with reasonable price. No matter where the productions are located, he would pay a visit and check the quality at the production site or manufacturer by himself. One day he realised that it should not be only his or a few hotels in Thailand that can get the quality products at reasonable price, every hotel must be able to get the high standard and good quality product. This is how Lernith Inter has born. The company still keeps that objective where to offer the best quality products with International standard and reasonable prices. Inroom and bathroom amenities are one of the main product that Lernith Inter trusts in production and stardardization. This is because of the exclusive license that Lernith Inter has siged with Groupe GM, one of the biggest amenities supplies in the world from France. Today, Lernith Inter is confident to offer the high stardard with top quality products where the customer can create, design or personally customise to make the amenities most suited to the hotel image. Last but not least important, we also have more than 30 international licensed brands from European and every continent of the world for the customer to select.